@andre1502 opened this Issue on December 12th 2018

Step to reproduce:

  1. Go to dashboard => on left side menu choose Websites->Manage
  2. Content site of HTML most of time will raise error 403 (when try to refresh the page several times, system will load the content properly) [Please refer to uploaded image]
  3. Same things also happens on chart image [On All Websites dashboard page (Index)] and other pages which related to HTML files
  4. IIS settings already allowed html files and use specific user which allow what system needed to run matomo
  5. Web.config also already following latest info from this GitHub project
  6. Clear the cache, login and logout, upgrade to the latest versions still happens all the time


  1. Windows Server 2012 R2, RAM 8GB
  2. IIS 8
  3. PHP 7.1.1, Memory Limit 512M
  4. Matomo 3.7.0


Thank you

@fdellwing commented on December 12th 2018 Contributor

Please take a look into your error_log for more information why you are getting 403s. This is not a Matomo problem.

@tsteur commented on December 12th 2018 Member

This is definitely some server configuration issue. Maybe some security mod is active or something? HTTP 403 means forbidden. So something seems to block it. As @fdellwing mentioned I recommend you have a look at the error log. If you can't find the solution, maybe see if someone can help in the forum: https://forum.matomo.org

@andre1502 commented on December 13th 2018


I try some suggestions in here:

After I change it to my own URL it works and can serve the html.
The problem are this not always happens, but mostly happens.
So, with enough patience to refresh the page I can get it working normally again.

As you mentions to check error_log, there is no specific error, only have shown the URL requests got 403.


@andre1502 commented on December 13th 2018


I found some cause which sometimes Matomo will fetch proxy IP instead of original IP that can cause server block the proxy IP.
Could you help to take a look about it @tsteur
Currently if I whitelist the proxy IP it will works but I sometimes it can have multi or different proxy IP which can be a lot.

I also already follow this guide:

Thank you for your help.

@tsteur commented on December 13th 2018 Member

I can't really add more besides the guide unfortunately. Those setups can be quite complicated and different from each other etc

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