@diosmosis opened this Pull Request on December 12th 2018 Member

Simple solution that does not support range periods.

Refs #13819

@tsteur commented on December 13th 2018 Member

Can we list the schedule first and then report period? and add some inline help for report period? also I would maybe automatically set report period to the same value when changing the email schedule but not the other way around. By default they should always match unless someone changes report period. If they changed report period, and then change the schedule, I would again also set report period to the same as email schedule.(no need to remember whether it was different I think, but could maybe... not sure which is better).

@diosmosis commented on December 13th 2018 Member

👍 will do

@diosmosis commented on December 17th 2018 Member

Updated the PR. @tsteur let me know if this can go in 3.8

@sgiehl commented on February 25th 2019 Member

@diosmosis this one needs a rebase to update the version and the update script name

@diosmosis commented on February 26th 2019 Member


@tsteur commented on April 11th 2019 Member

Looks good to merge, we only need to update version number and update script. Feel free to merge if tests pass 👍

@mattab commented on June 29th 2019 Member

Seeing this late and commenting late, but is this feature any useful? I understand the use case in https://github.com/matomo-org/matomo/issues/13819 "I would like to send periodically (say "weekly") an email report, and the report should include data over (say) the past 12 months.". But in its current form the feature does not let users do this. I can't think of any use case for it. Should we maybe revert the PR to not make the scheduled reports harder to use? or is there some use case i'm missing? @tsteur @diosmosis

@mattab commented on June 29th 2019 Member

Actually i can think of a use case, where you can now use this feature to receive "Daily" the "Current month" report (or "Current week") report. Which seems valuable :+1:
Would this use case work? (haven't tested)

@diosmosis commented on June 29th 2019 Member

That would work. This was mostly for getting weekly email of daily report (for the system report in cloud since we don't want to sum each day up for that; only the daily report is accurate).

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