@labolanimichele opened this Issue on December 10th 2018


I would have a feature request which I believe many users might share.

The use case I have is that I would like to send periodically (say "weekly") an email report, and the report should include data over (say) the past 12 months.

I do not seem to find a way to automate this: I can only pick the email schedule of the report (say "weekly") and this will send me, every week, data related to the last week.
I would instead like to be able to define what relative date range the report should cover (e.g. last N weeks/months).

Manually I can do this already: if in the top date picker I select the past year, then I can manually download / send the PDF report too.
Any way this can be added to the report configuration?

Thank you,

@tsteur commented on December 10th 2018 Member

Thanks for the feature suggestion :) I can confirm there is no workaround to make this happen so far. Unless you have coding experience and can request the API and generate your own reports.

@heurteph-ei commented on April 8th 2021

It seems the issue can be closed, right?

@diosmosis commented on April 11th 2021 Member

@heurteph-ei the requested feature would actually be more powerful than what was added. Currently you can change it to show the lastN for the currently configured period (eg, a daily email w/ the last30 days or a weekly email w/ last30 weeks), but you can't, eg, send a weekly email w/ the last30 days, or a weekly email with the last1 year.

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