@NathanQ opened this Issue on December 7th 2018

I had an issue if I didn't set the db info before using the composer, installing didn't work and the site said ""Error: Matomo is already installed." I went back and forth a little bit on this trying to set it in the config.ini.php after set up with this result. Maybe a bit of chicken and egg issue. The matomo/config/global.ini.php states "Edit the config.ini.php instead," but it is not present before setup. Anyway, setting db in the matomo/config/global.ini.php like so got me running.

host = ""
username = "matomo"
password = "matomolikeamomo"
dbname = "matomodb"
tables_prefix =
port = 3306
adapter = PDO\MYSQL
type = InnoDB
schema = Mysql

Maybe I missed something in the docs?


@tsteur commented on December 9th 2018 Member

Can you confirm you installed Matomo through git, init & updated all submodules, ran composer, and did not have yet a config/config.ini.php? Is this the full error message?

If you don't want to develop on top of Matomo, I recommend to download the latest version from https://matomo.org/download/ btw compared to git.

@NathanQ commented on December 10th 2018

Hi @tsteur, I can confirm this, but I ran into issues with permissions issues and had to run the sudo chown -R www-data:www-data ./*various_dirs* create directories in the tmp directory during setup which may be where this stems from. This was a fresh install of php, mysql, and nginx and they're users ran as their default installed on Ubuntu 18.04 server. For instance, when I run the composer, the new directories' permissions were displayed as question marks. My user wasn't meshing right. I did get up and running, but I'll try it again.

@tsteur commented on December 10th 2018 Member

AFAIK there aren't any known issues from our side and I reckon it is indeed just some server configuration. The various_dirs are expected to need write permission, eg also the config directory. The config/config.ini.php is created during the installation. Where are you stuck in the installation process exactly? Does it even load? Otherwise composer should for sure not require any DB configuration.

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