@RAIMUNDOS54 opened this Issue on November 27th 2018

As requested by Matthieu Aubry, I'm opening the bug report. The same words provided initially follows. Thanks.


After updating to Matomo the timezone is the same, but the time is still wrong. 3 hours above what it really is meant to be for ALL brazilian timezones, we have been using Brazil - Bahia, but tried Brazil - Sao Paulo too and now we tried the other ones with no success. Please fix this. Thank you. Also, come back showing the visitor's IP in the logs. Thank you once again.

@tsteur commented on November 27th 2018 Member

You'll need to provide a bit more details. For example which reports and which time is wrong?

@RAIMUNDOS54 commented on November 27th 2018

It's the main page which for example at 9 PM here in Brazil do not show the visitors of the day, but with the correct day show the visitors of tomorrow, which of course are none. That's the real problem.

@tsteur commented on November 27th 2018 Member

With the main page: Do you refer to the dashboard? Which widgets within the dashboard? The dashboards can look different everywhere. Do you refer to the widget "visitors in real time" and / or "Visitor log"?

@RAIMUNDOS54 commented on November 27th 2018

The main page, the one which lists the websites. Title "All Websites dashboard"

@tsteur commented on November 27th 2018 Member

I see (the main page is configurable and can be different for everyone). Do you have the same problem for other regular reports?

@RAIMUNDOS54 commented on November 27th 2018

No configuration was changed. After the update from Piwik to Matomo this problem began. The problem is only in the main page as previously pointed out.

@tsteur commented on November 27th 2018 Member

Do you know from which version exactly you updated?

When you go to your personal settings, what does it show in report date to load by default? Yesterday? And does it work when you select that date specifically again through the date chooser?

There were couple changes around periods/timezone eg in #13445 #12326 #13268 #12326 but not 100% sure which could be related.

@tsteur commented on December 1st 2018 Member

not sure if related but in https://github.com/matomo-org/matomo/issues/13786 another timezone issue is reported.

@RAIMUNDOS54 commented on December 8th 2018

I do not know from which version. But it was still Piwik. It shows today, since I made it that way. It makes no sense. Now it's 08/12/2018 here in my timezone. Instead it shows yesterday (07/12/2018) report with 0 visitors, it being the number of visitors of today, with the selected date of yesterday. If I choose the load by default to yesterday, it just shows the 06/12/2018 date with the visitors of 07/12/2018. But this only happens in the default URL for yesterday:


and for today:


Image showing an example with 0 visitors for now, with the last for today default report as I mentioned earlier.


@RAIMUNDOS54 commented on December 8th 2018

This issue you reported has nothing to do with my problem. As you can see, I'm talking about the All websites dashboard. Thank you.

@tsteur commented on December 9th 2018 Member

It might be fixed by that issue as it's using possibly similar / same logic for this. fyi @diosmosis not sure if the fix would maybe help with this as well?

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