@dynoblox-ryu opened this Issue on November 24th 2018

I think superusers on Matomo should be able to have announcements put into areas and have them categorized shown in examples below. This would be very useful to people who resell Matomo and could be great in informing users about an update, or data breach.


@sgiehl commented on November 24th 2018 Member

@dynoblox-ryu That would be something that could be created as a new plugin

@tsteur commented on November 24th 2018 Member

That's definitely something for a plugin. If you're reselling Matomo, you might want to consider getting in touch with support also as this is quite a specific use case and likely doesn't have too much of a priority right now.

@Findus23 commented on December 4th 2018 Member

@dynoblox-ryu While it doesn't exactly what you want, https://plugins.matomo.org/AdminNotification seems pretty similar.
Otherwise it is probably easier if you just write your own plugin that adds the text where you want it.

@dynoblox-ryu commented on December 4th 2018

Thank you for the help.

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