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A common cause of confusion for new users (who have just setup Matomo, or created a new website), is that by default Matomo shows Yesterday's data. And people often don't realise they should look at Today's to see their data. So it would be valuable to guide new users and help them understand they're looking at the wrong date (small improvement to onboarding).

Suggested change

  • When a user is looking at "Yesterday's" data, or "Last week" or "Last month"
  • And there is "No data"
  • And there is data for "Today" (or "This week" or "This month" or "This year")
  • Then we could display a message (maybe a close-able notification?) to advise users they are viewing reports the previous day/week/month/year and that they can click to view Today/This week/This month/This year's report

What do you think?

@tsteur commented on November 23rd 2018 Member

I'm pretty sure I've suggested somewhere before to select "today" automatically when eg no data has been tracked yet, or only started tracking on that day etc.

@Findus23 commented on April 11th 2019 Member

I just got tricked by this again when setting up a new Matomo instance, but seeing no reports unit I noticed I was looking at the wrong day.

I think many first time users get an impression of Matomo being kind of broken because of this.

@Findus23 commented on June 11th 2020 Member

Since I last wrote here, at least four or five people I helped tripped up about this, so I think it would be amazing to new users if we could get this into 4.0.

@dev-clavis commented on August 11th 2020

I also got tricked by this
You might also associate the creation date of a new site (siteid) and prevent the ui from looking previous that date or set this date as earliest possible choice

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