@mattab opened this Issue on November 19th 2018 Member

Goals are one of the most critical and important features to leverage in Matomo.
When tracking Goals on a website, any use case imaginable should be covered.
One of the use cases is that it is not possible to know the value of a Goal conversion when it happens, and only some days/weeks later.
And it would be useful if Matomo made it possible to edit and set a Goal revenue value as soon as the sale is done, and the Sales person could go in Matomo and find the initial visit that triggered the goal (eg. Contact Us form), and record the Sales revenue for this conversion.

For example: when people contact via a contact form, and the contact is a "Lead", it may take weeks or months for the lead to be converted into a Sale. So when the goal is tracked, no conversion revenue is known. But then a few weeks later one would want to find again the lead (in Matomo, using Visitor Log, and maybe a custom dimension or a User ID).

This goal of this feature would be to allow users to reach high accuracy in their attribution numbers and revenue reporting / leads acquisition & channels.

Similar to https://github.com/matomo-org/matomo/issues/8161 and a same mechanism/UI/UX should be considered for both use cases (and probably more!).

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