@siulca opened this Issue on November 19th 2018

Updating from 3.6.1 to 3.7.0 got the following error.


However Motomo appears to have loaded OK afterwards. Will this error affect my analytics?

@fdellwing commented on November 19th 2018 Contributor

If you are able to run ./console core:update in the root folder of your installation.

@siulca commented on November 19th 2018

Why if it seems to work fine? I don't think I have access to the server's console.

@tsteur commented on November 19th 2018 Member

It shouldn't affect your analytics but may affect scheduled reports. You could try execute this MySQL query if you are familiar with databases:

ALTER TABLE piwik_report ADD column evolution_graph_within_period TINYINT(4) NOT NULL DEFAULT 0, ADD column evolution_graph_period_n INT(11) NULL;

Haven't tested the query but should work. You may need to replay piwik_report with a different value in case you use a different table prefix (if you don't know what it is, it likely doesn't need to be replaced)

This Issue was closed on July 1st 2019
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