@julienmoumne opened this Issue on May 22nd 2010 Member

In /misc/generateVisits.php : 74

$idSite = Piwik_Common::getRequestVar('idSite', $idSite, 'int');

is used as a mechanism to allow users to specify the id of the site for which visits will be generated.

In /misc/generateVisits.php : 67

<a href='?choice=yes&token_auth=".Piwik::getCurrentUserTokenAuth()."'><b>YES</b>, I want to generate fake visits</a>

there is no mechanism no let the user choose a site and set the parameter idSite. Therefore, the idSite always defaults to 1. Cf. /misc/generateVisits.php : 16

$idSite = 1;

This mechanism do work when the user specifies herself the parameter in the URL of the browser.

I found this bug because on my installation I have deleted site number 1 and only have site number 2. The following error is sent back to the requester :

You can't access this resource as it requires a 'view' access for the website id = 1.

Proposal :
Add a drop down menu with the list of available sites and set the idSite parameter with it.

@robocoder commented on May 22nd 2010 Contributor

Fix along with #762 and #1369?

@halfdan commented on May 23rd 2010 Member

See #1374. I added a VisitorGenerator plugin that provides you with a website selector.

@robocoder commented on June 2nd 2010 Contributor

Fixed in #1374

This Issue was closed on June 2nd 2010
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