@davidaigle opened this Issue on November 13th 2018

This is just a suggestion for the Open Transition view/report in Piwik. It would be awesome if that page view/report could be exported as either a PDF or Excel file of another format. Currently we can only open it, navigate through it and close it, we end up taking a screen capture of it when we present it to management or other web managers. But if it could be exported, somehow, potentially an option that would appear at the bottom of the Open Transition window, that would be fantastic!

@Findus23 commented on November 13th 2018 Member

While this isn't exactly what you want, a part of this is already possible. As you may know there is a Reporting API to access all data in Matomo. And it can also be used to access the transition data.

So this transition:
Can be accessed via https://demo.matomo.org/index.php?date=yesterday&actionType=url&actionName=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.virtual-drums.com%2F&expanded=1&format=JSON&module=API&method=Transitions.getTransitionsForAction&filter_limit=-1&idSite=3&period=day

And will give you the following data:

Klick to expand ```javascript { "date": "Mon, Nov 12", "previousPages": [ { "label": "virtual-drums.com/videos.php", "referrals": 2 }, { "label": "virtual-drums.com/contact.php", "referrals": 1 } ], "previousSiteSearches": [], "pageMetrics": { "loops": 6, "pageviews": 57, "entries": 48, "exits": 42 }, "followingPages": [ { "label": "virtual-drums.com/photos.php", "referrals": 5 }, { "label": "virtual-drums.com/videos.php", "referrals": 2 }, { "label": "virtual-drums.com/contact.php", "referrals": 1 }, { "label": "virtual-drums.com/questions.php", "referrals": 1 } ], "followingSiteSearches": [], "outlinks": [], "downloads": [], "referrers": [ { "label": "Direct Entries", "shortName": "direct", "visits": 19, "details": [] }, { "label": "From Search Engines", "shortName": "search", "visits": 28, "details": [ { "label": "virtual drum system", "referrals": "1" }, { "label": "vitural drum set", "referrals": "1" } ] }, { "label": "From Social Networks", "shortName": "social", "visits": 1, "details": [ { "label": "YouTube", "referrals": "1" } ] } ] } ```

As this data isn't two-dimensional it can only be exported as json or xml. But it includes all the data shown in the transition.

@tsteur commented on November 13th 2018 Member
@mattab commented on April 12th 2019 Member

Thanks for the suggestion. Renamed this issue to reduce the scope to "PDF or Image" as excel/csv/etc is covered in https://github.com/matomo-org/matomo/issues/6032

@Starker3 commented on October 27th 2021 Contributor

We received another request today to allow the transitions reports to be exported as a PDF or image

@Chardonneaur commented on June 1st 2022

@davidaigle well, probably not exactly what you are looking for but here is a workaround to get it as an Excel document: https://youtu.be/0ddxNxWO0aQ

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