@baenziger opened this Issue on November 13th 2018

When trying to open Goals in settings, the following error is displayed. Trying to open manage goals within a website causes the same error:

The following error just broke Matomo (v3.6.1):

Key "description" for array with keys "idsite, idgoal, name, match_attribute, allow_multiple, revenue, deleted, event_value_as_revenue" does not exist.
in F:\Websites\Piwik\piwik\plugins\Goals\templates\_listGoalEdit.twig line 51          

Unfortunately, I'm not sure if this appeared after the update to 3.6.1 or existed earlier, as I wasn't using goals much.

@fdellwing commented on November 13th 2018 Contributor

Possible regression from #13483?

//cc @diosmosis

@tsteur commented on November 13th 2018 Member
This Issue was closed on November 13th 2018
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