@Findus23 opened this Pull Request on November 8th 2018 Member

fixes #9987

Now that we advertise that Matomo respects DNT, we should do this as precisely as possible.

Of course this makes Matomo less accurate (as now IE11 users that never enabled DNT, but had it enabled by default are not tracked anymore), but I think those browsers are becoming less relevant in the future and removing the special handling is easier than explaining the technical details to all Matomo users.

A move verbose compromise solution would be having an option or plugin that restores this behavior.

@sgiehl commented on November 10th 2018 Member

We maybe should mention that in a changelog

@mattab commented on November 14th 2018 Member

Suggested steps:

  • Mention in developer changelog the change
  • When DNT is activated, in the browser report footer, show a message explaining that Did you know? Internet Explorer 11 and newer are mostly not tracked because they have DoNotTrack activated by default and Matomo <a href=privacy-settings>is configured to respect DoNotTrack</a>
  • Update the DNT inline help in the Privacy page and explain that some browsers will mostly not be tracked as they enable DoNotTrack by default and list them eg. "IE11 and newer"
@tsteur commented on November 14th 2018 Member

FYI It shouldn't be mentioned in the developer changelog I would say. It's not related to the platform.

@tsteur commented on November 14th 2018 Member

Also IE usage is nowadays at around 3% and maybe doesn't need to be mentioned in the browser report? And maybe only in the help text instead of footer to keep UI nice and clean and not clutter it with too unimportant things? Probably way more users are excluded with ad blockers etc

@sgiehl commented on November 14th 2018 Member

Also IE usage is nowadays at around 3%

That strongly depends on the website. Company intranets for example might have almost 100% IE in some cases. And especially those customers might need to change the Matomo config, as before the DNT setting didn't have any effect

@tsteur commented on November 14th 2018 Member

Maybe we could show that when people are using the type IntranetWebsite? Not many would use that type just yet but eventually will. Or maybe could look at whether 2018 yearly archive had eg at least 5% IE users and then could show it. It'd be just annoying to show it to everyone all the time when it's not really that valuable for 98% of the users. You can't show messages for every edge cases otherwise it ends up quite funny :)

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