@martingreiner opened this Issue on November 6th 2018

We are analysing the hits of a captive portal with matomo, with the embedded image-link integration.
It seems that the counting is not very exact, at least if there are many users/clients hitting the same "site".

I can verify about 1000 Hits in the webserver-log matomo is hosted,
but the tools shows me only about 180 hits/users/clients.

Is this an already known bug?

kindly regards for your feedback

@fdellwing commented on November 6th 2018 Contributor

Are you sure, you are looking at the correct metric?

The metric that correlates most with the access log is the pageview metric and not the visitor metric.

@martingreiner commented on November 6th 2018

I see what you are meening, let me please verify this.
I will keep you up to date, it seems, some less visitors have most of the page-views.


@Findus23 commented on May 23rd 2020 Member

@martingreiner If there is still an issue in the latest Matomo version, please reopen this issue or create a new issue with more details.

This Issue was closed on May 23rd 2020
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