@NanorPiwik opened this Issue on October 29th 2018

Hi Matomo team,

According to https://matomo.org/faq/general/faq_21418/ we have a feature to enable the fingerprinting across several websites. However we don't have one in order to disable it.
That's a concern in terms of privacy.

@clintonblackmore commented on October 30th 2018

Hi. I raised this issue.

I'm starting a business making apps to sell to kids and hired a lawyer to help with my privacy policy (and believe me, I've read over many privacy policies lately). I wondered if I needed to put a notice in my privacy policy about fingerprinting, such as:


Our website takes a fingerprint of your system’s setup, to imperfectly distinguish between visitors to our site.

My lawyer sent me this page to look at: The GDPR and Browser Fingerprinting: How It Changes the Game for the Sneakiest Web Trackers.

I know that Matomo is serious about privacy. Lacking any way to disable the fingerprinting, I've decided to forgo it for tracking hits to my website (but I am planning to use it to track analytics for my games, as I feel that Unity Analytics processes way too much information.)

Thank you for considering this issue.

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