@mattab opened this Issue on October 25th 2018 Member

When exporting custom report data, the URl looks like this:

The URL includes &reportUniqueId=CustomReports_getCustomReport_idCustomReport--2 but actually this URL parameter is not needed for the API.

So let's remove this parameter from Export API URLs.

@sgiehl commented on October 28th 2018 Member

The export uses all parameters that are set as request parameters for the datatable. In that special case the custom report sets the uniqueReportId. We can't filter that list of parameters in core, as there is no way to identify if the parameter is required or not. We need to adjust that in the plugin.
ping @tsteur

@tsteur commented on October 28th 2018 Member

The report unique ID is needed eg I think for the insights visualisation. It shouldn't be a problem to have this parameter in there?

This Issue was closed on October 28th 2018
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