@taylankasap opened this Pull Request on October 20th 2018

Fixes #13628

Should the same command for Windows be also updated? See line 183

@Findus23 commented on October 20th 2018 Member


I think this would break the feature in case a file needs to be writable (e.g. config/config.ini.php) as I think only directories are changed.

@taylankasap commented on October 20th 2018

I see. What about something like this?

chmod -R a+rw /path ; find /path -type d -exec chmod a+x {} \;

chmod -R a+rw /path to give all files and directories read and write permission for all users.
find /path -type d -exec chmod a+x {} \; to give all directories execute permission for all users (since folders need execute to traverse).

This way the command won't alter any execute permission for files. Does Matomo require any files with execute permission?

@tsteur commented on April 12th 2019 Member

Files still need to be writable too or not (so they can be deleted during update etc)?

@tsteur commented on May 3rd 2019 Member

@taylankasap are you still working on this PR please let us know. This will help us to know whether we can otherwise close the issue and whether we should work on a solution or not.

@taylankasap commented on May 3rd 2019

@tsteur I'm not working on this PR

@tsteur commented on May 5th 2019 Member

cheers for letting us know 👍

This Pull Request was closed on May 5th 2019
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