@luohui8891 opened this Issue on October 15th 2018

Hi guys,
I set up 3.5.1 in my server and collect data for almost 60k+ sites.
I also set delete_logs_older_than to 35 days because we need monthly unique visitors.
But the database is still very big. It also effect query and backup.
So I need slim the database.
I fount that the biggest table is relationship table log_link_visit_action. There are almost 750+ million records in this table. (35 days data)

Because the monthly unique visitors is only need monthly data of log_visit, so can I just keep the 35 values for log_visit table and setup another value (like 5 days) for others?

@mattab commented on November 13th 2018 Member

Hi @luohui8891
We recommend to contact the professional support team @ http://matomo.org/support/ for getting the best possible help with your very high traffic instance. Thanks,

@luohui8891 commented on November 14th 2018


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