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I've been using Piwik / Matomo for 4 years at work, but for the last months it has been somehow been losing data on visits for specific days (sometimes a range of days):

captura de tela de 2018-10-12 17-42-43

As a latest example (using Matomo 3.6.0 on Apache2, Debian 9) has been October 2 and 3:

captura de tela de 2018-10-12 17-41-24

The website has been visited on these days, and I've looked at Apache logs and there seem to have been actual requests for Matomo scripts, returning 200 (IPs redacted):


Error logs show nothing related to this.

Where should I look for more tips on what was going on these days, and/or have more logs on the next time this happens?

Thank you for this great piece of software!

@sgiehl commented on October 12th 2018 Member

Don't have time to have a closer look at your access logs, but does the visitor log in matomo show visits for those days?
If so, please try to invalidate the reports for those days and start an archiving. Maybe the data is available then.

@lucastx commented on October 15th 2018

No, it doesn't. I configured Matomo to remove visitor logs after 7 days for privacy reasons...

@sgiehl commented on October 15th 2018 Member

Ah ok. So there is no data available to process any new reports that are older than 7 days.
Are you using a cron job for archiving the reports or is that browser triggered.
If it's triggered by the browser and you are not opening Matomo for more than a week maybe the log data gets deleted before the reports are archived. I'm not sure if we check if the reports are generated before the log data is removed...

@lucastx commented on October 25th 2018

It was apparently triggered by the browser as I did not find any cronjob running anywhere. I think I made this on a previous Piwik installation.

i disabled this log removal setting for now and will investigate this further later. Thank you!

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