@RAIMUNDOS54 opened this Issue on October 3rd 2018

This message keeps being shown even after configuring GeoIP2 correctly, which by the way is not specified in the documentation that if you were using it once in Piwik you should install a new plugin instead of just saying that it has a native support.

@sgiehl commented on October 3rd 2018 Member

You may need to remove the plugin folder GeoIP2. But GeoIp2 should be shipped with core, which handles GeoIP 2 support if activated.

@RAIMUNDOS54 commented on October 4th 2018

If I remove the plugin the message still appears and the GeoIP2 support is over. Also, where the database should be located if there is no plugin anymore? This is confusing.

@Findus23 commented on October 4th 2018 Member

Make sure you deleted GeoIP2 (the old plugin by a third party developer) and not GeoIp2 (the new official plugin). In case the latter is missing, please replace it with the latest one from the latest build zip.

@RAIMUNDOS54 commented on October 4th 2018

There is no GeoIP2 folder and the message's still here.

@sgiehl commented on October 4th 2018 Member

You may need to remove the plugin from the config file or uninstall (remove) it in matomo plugin admin

@RAIMUNDOS54 commented on October 4th 2018

PluginsInstalled[] = "GeoIP2" removed from the config file but nothing.

@jota2016 commented on December 7th 2018

Same here. After upgrading to 3.7.0, the annoying message is permanently shown.
There is no GeoIP2 directory, only GeoIp2. The only active plugin is GeoIp2 (Core), and the older configuration has been deleted. I am using GeoIp2 Php with maxminddb extension.
Where can there be any residual configuration of the old plugin?

This Issue was closed on October 3rd 2018
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