@TekyChile opened this Issue on September 21st 2018

Hi! I tried to install Matomo 3.6.0 in my self-hosted server. Everything┬┤s ok in the first index.php but, when I push the install buton try to do something and in a minute after the script send me a 503 error page. :/

There┬┤s a print:
2018-09-21 1

My server php info:
2018-09-21 2

I miss something, I know, but any idea what would be?

Cheers to all!

@Findus23 commented on September 21st 2018 Member


Only the php error_log can tell you what exactly goes wrong.

@Findus23 commented on May 23rd 2020 Member

Please always include the exact error message from the php error_log as it helps finding out what exactly goes wrong.

This Issue was closed on May 23rd 2020
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