@mattab opened this Issue on September 13th 2018 Member

The use case is one wants to embed a graph of visits over time on a particular page URL, on an external dashboard. Like embed this graph only for the virtual-drums.com/ homepage:


the graph is from the demo here

The goal of this issue is add to support for embedding Row Evolution evolution graph via Embed report iframe feature

  • maybe it already works if one crafts the embed URL manually (didn't test it yet). If so, it would be good to document how to embed a Row Evolution report, in the User Guide
  • Also, we could maybe maybe create a new "Row Evolution" widget in the Widgets list. This widget could let one pick a report, and the pick one row. Or we could somehow find a good way to let people click & Embed an evolution graph from Row Evolution, easily?
@Findus23 commented on January 10th 2019 Member

Similarly it would be great if Row Evolution reports had their own URL so one can link to them.

Update: This is already possible, but not working correctly in all cases. I'll report a seperate bug.

@jermon commented on February 15th 2019

How is this possible?

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