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While I was completing the German translation I saw that the SitesManger hasn't been completely enabled for translation. When showing the tracking Tag there are three sentences on the bottom of the page that are hard coded.

I edited the Plugin and added 3 strings to the english translation. If the changes are ok, please check for my naming scheme for the translation string.

The file /plugins/SitesManager/templates/JavascriptTagHelp.tpl can - as far as I can tell - be deleted.

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@halfdan commented on May 8th 2010 Member
@mattab commented on May 13th 2010 Member

The reason we didn't translate these for now, is that the English help text wasn't 'final' and could be improved (or changed format, number of sentences, etc.).

A note: when you generate a patch, please try to keep the path (core/Tracker/xx) as it makes applying the patch easier.

i'll move this to 1.0 until the english help text is figured out.

@julienmoumne commented on May 21st 2010 Member

The file /plugins/SitesManager/templates/JavascriptTagHelp.tpl is also included in /plugins/Installation/templates/displayJavascriptCode.tpl, lign 40 :

{include file=SitesManager/templates/JavascriptTagHelp.tpl}
@julienmoumne commented on May 21st 2010 Member

/plugins/Widgetize/templates/index.tpl has also non-localized strings.

@mattab commented on May 24th 2010 Member

Good point, updated ticket titles

@mattab commented on July 23rd 2010 Member

post 1.0 as translations are too long, technical, and it sounds risky to add them as translations as of yet.

@mattab commented on April 28th 2011 Member

we might add i18n when implementing Better JS Tracking generator screen: #1845

See #1187

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