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It is essential that the Piwik Blog is updated more regularly. This keeps subscribers on track and notifies them of new Releases or changes. Of course most of that data is available in the ChangeLog but it is still important to use this way of keeping in touch with users.

As a reference I'd like to link to blog.lighttpd.net - They update their blog for every release/pre-release.

Please consider doing this in future. It would help system administrators and users to stay updated on Piwik development.
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@robocoder commented on May 8th 2010 Contributor

Thanks for the input. We do blog about releases (and release candidates). But we can certainly do more, eg progress reports, eta for the next release, compat busters, etc.

One of the challenges is finding interesting things to write about and then having the time to write about it. We do welcome submissions.

Closing as this is an ongoing responsibility.

@mattab commented on May 8th 2010 Member

halfdan,if you're a native english speaker, maybe you can join the team as 'blog maintainer' and post blog entries for interesting things as they happen - this would be of great help. thanks!

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