@Vinutab opened this Issue on September 7th 2018

Hi Team,

We have a site A,B and C where the tracking is enabled. For the site B, we have set the user id. We have a link in site A to navigate to the site B. When we checked the visitor id, it's different for the site A and site B. But the visitor id is matching for the site A and C. This issue is happening mainly in the IE.

Could you please help us.


@MichaelHeerklotz commented on September 7th 2018 Contributor

Hello Vinuta,
this is how it works at the moment. Setting the user id will overide the visitor id with the user id.


@Vinutab commented on September 10th 2018

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the response.

Currently for the site A the visitor id is 86fd7df26786a7d9 and for the site B it is 82065ac2e99ec62f. This remains unchanged for the different sessions in Internet explorer. But my colleague has added the site B as trusted site and the visitor id remains same for both the sites(293efb0e9eb29564).
We have the below configuration
use_third_party_id_cookie = 1
trust_visitors_cookies = 1

Is there a way to do the settings so that the visitor id appears same for both the sites.


@mattab commented on January 23rd 2020 Member

This was fixed and now the visitor IDs are not tied to the user id anymore. see: https://github.com/matomo-org/matomo/pull/14360

This Issue was closed on January 23rd 2020
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