@aaaronfeng opened this Issue on September 7th 2018

When I run the tests in the Benchmarks package, I got the following error:

undefined method createTestConfig()

After checking the commit history, the method createTestConfig belong to the class IntegrationTestCase which used to be the superclass of BenchmarkTestCase

@aaaronfeng commented on September 7th 2018


abstract class IntegrationTestCase extends PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase
-    /**
-     * Identifies the last language used in an API/Controller call.
-     *
-     * <a class='mention' href='https://github.com/var'>@var</a> string
-     */
-    protected $lastLanguage;
-    /**
-     * Creates a config object for use w/ tests.
-     */
-    public static function createTestConfig()
-    {
-        Config::getInstance()->setTestEnvironment();
-    }
@diosmosis commented on September 7th 2018 Member

I might be wrong, but the benchmark code there isn't really maintained. Could probably be removed at this point. CC @tsteur

@tsteur commented on September 7th 2018 Member

Yeah I'd say so, could be removed. I didn't even really know it existed. It isn't maintained and I think even the automated tests might not execute them.

This Issue was closed on May 24th 2020
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