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I'd like to open this ticket for future Translation updates of Piwik. I've just updated the German translation and it is now almost complete (98%).

I'd also like to ask if there is some sort of notification mechanism for translators to notify them of new Strings that need to be translated.
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Attachment: German translation (complete file)

@halfdan commented on May 7th 2010 Member

Okay I've just seen Changeset 2153. After my update to 0.6.1 I reviewed the translations that have been done. No offense, but some seriously sound like they have been made using translate.google.com

I'm planning on splitting the German translation into two seperate translations (one more "formal" which is using the "Sie"-Form and one using the "Du"-Form - Germans will know what I mean ;)). My submitted File is using the Sie-Form.

@robocoder commented on May 7th 2010 Contributor

The translation team doesn't (currently) use Trac, so I'm marking this as invalid.

You'll have to send Noah (our translation co-ordinator) an email to co-ordinate with other translators. Historically, the German translation has been a source of debate amongst translators.

translations (at) piwik.org


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we need to keep only one German translation. For all your complaints/feedback regarding the quality of translations, please see with noah@piwik.org - it's perfectly fine if some translators do bad translations, they should just be removed permission to update strings (we are aiming for high quality translations as much as possible :)

Regarding the two forms (formal VS non formal), Piwik needs to be in formal mode. So if the current german translation doesn't use formal, please submit your version and specify to Noah that it fixes this issue. Thanks!

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