@mcmarable opened this Issue on August 29th 2018

After upgrading to 3.6.0, "Report date to load by default" when logging in is off by one (1) day if any of the following highlighted options are selected:


Here is the result in the dashboard:


@tocsinde commented on August 29th 2018

The last day of the range is missing in the description of the X axis, but nevertheless the last point of the graph is showing the data from the correct day. You can see it while hovering on the dot.

@mcmarable commented on August 29th 2018

Screenshots were taken 5 minutes prior to posting the issue. The second date in image above should be 2018-08-29 as it was prior to updating to 3.6.0 this morning. Note the date range is what is automatically populated when selecting "Last 30 days (including today)".

@sgiehl commented on August 31st 2018 Member

@mcmarable which timezone is you website in matomo set up? And which timezone has your computer configured?

@mcmarable commented on September 10th 2018

@sgiehl - America/New York. The solution provided in #13369 does not resolve this issue

@sgiehl commented on November 13th 2022 Member

Anyone still having this issue with Matomo 4?

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