@olegandreyev opened this Issue on August 16th 2018

Hi Matomo team. I have an issue related to use case when the same user opens multiple tabs and heartbeat mode is enabled. The main problem is when I open new tab I call trackPageView. So new item will show on the tracker dashboard in this session row (same user - same session - but new page view) .
BUT when I focus previous tab it sends ping request to analytic server where the time is being added not to current tab (page view) but to the last opened one. So after that even if I close last opened tab and change focus between two previous tabs. The time will be assumed for the last opened tab (page view) which does not exist already)

So I expect behavior that the heartbeat will update a previous page view time and not only the last one :) What do you think about it? Maybe I do something wrong

@tsteur commented on August 16th 2018 Member

Just FYI: that's a known issue. Not sure if there is an actual issue though. Not sure if it will be worked on too soon re possible performance problems when updating the correct action.

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