@anonymous-matomo-user opened this Issue on May 5th 2010


could you add a faster integration of Piwik?
For example like that:

@anonymous-matomo-user commented on May 5th 2010

I meant not faster, I meant cleaner :)

@robocoder commented on May 5th 2010 Contributor

The reason we didn't manipulate the DOM in #355 is because it doesn't work well with older browsers. And judging from the async attribute in your pastie, it looks like you're using HTML5. (In the last round of cross browser testing, piwik.js worked with IE5 and above.)

Microsoft's end-of-life support date for IE6 and older versions is July 13, 2010 ... so, maybe we can revisit this then. (See #739)

@mattab commented on May 5th 2010 Member

if we were to change the way JS loads, I would really like to see us adopting asynchronous JS code, like GA.

This Issue was closed on May 5th 2010
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