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Hi all,

we face the problem regarding opt out and maybe someone here can help us out:

  • We have a matomo under analytics.domain.tdl (piwik_ignore is set with this domain)
  • We have a website under domain.tdl (here we use straight forward js tracking with opt out iframe, everything is fine)
  • We have a react webapp under demo.domain.tdl, were we want to track certain infos in the server using https://www.npmjs.com/package/matomo-tracker

In this webapp we wan't to respect the opt out of a user, but we can not read the opt out cookie, cause it`s domain is analytics.domain.tdl not *.domain.tdl. We have found no way to change this.

The question now is, what information/param must be sent with the tracking call from the webapp to make the opt out effective and NOT track any call from a client, which has the opt out cookie set?

Any ideas are very welcome!

TIA and best regrards

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@pixlol commented on August 24th 2018

Please look up the link above regarding this issue.

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