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Fixes #11766

@sgiehl commented on July 31st 2018 Member

Code looks good so far. There is still one JS test failing and the minified versions needs to be updated.
Guess we also need to update the developer documentation afterwards so the new methods are mentioned there.

@diosmosis commented on August 1st 2018 Member
@diosmosis commented on August 1st 2018 Member

For the addition to the docs, here is some text that can be added after the To track Ecommerce orders, two Javascript functions are used: ... section:

There are also two other JavaScript functions you may find useful:

removeEcommerceItem(productSKU) This removes a product from the order by SKU.
clearEcommerceCart() This clears the order completely.

Generally, you only need to call these method if you don't track the order all at once and it's possible for a user to edit their cart after addEcommerceItem() is called. Otherwise, if you track an order after or as it is placed, then you just need to add the items and track the order.
@diosmosis commented on August 1st 2018 Member

cc @mattab for last two comments

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