@daylicron opened this Pull Request on July 24th 2018

Useful if your're running Matomo in a multi server environment. Disabled by setting:
enable_auto_updates = 0

@tsteur commented on July 24th 2018 Member

Just checking: Are the links to those URLs already removed when the auto update is disabled?

If yes, be good to merge.

@daylicron commented on July 25th 2018

Unfortunately not. That's why we had to implement this. With the given options for config.ini.php there is no way to disable Matomo updates via the webinterface.

@mattab commented on July 25th 2018 Member

Thanks for the PR @daylicron :+1: Feedback:

  • Instead of duplicating the code could you create a method in the class like checkAutoUpdateIsPossible
  • which, if not, throws an exception explaining that auto update is disabled? This way users know the problem which would be better than being redirected silently.
@sgiehl commented on February 25th 2019 Member

@daylicron are you able to update the PR according to @mattab's suggestions?

@mattab commented on June 27th 2019 Member

Thank you for this proposed pull request.

Because it was last updated more than one month ago, it is our policy to close pull requests opened for a long time without updates. If you would like to continue work on the pull request, please simply ping us to have it re-opened (after you have pushed a new commit).

We hope you understand this and we look forward to seeing an update from you on this pull request or another one!


This Pull Request was closed on June 27th 2019
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