@electric-paper opened this Pull Request on July 20th 2018

fixes #12954

@fdellwing commented on July 20th 2018 Contributor

I'm not an english native, but shouldn't it be You are currently not opted out.?

@electric-paper commented on July 24th 2018

Of course, you're right. Changed it to You are currently not opted out.
My apologies.

@tsteur commented on July 24th 2018 Member

Looks good 👍 Any chance we can change the name of the translation key itself? Eg to "YouAreNotOptedOut" and remove "YouAreOptedIn"?

This will be needed so it gets translated in all other languages. Otherwise translators wouldn't notice that the English translation changed and they wouldn't be requested to translate it.

@electric-paper commented on July 31st 2018

Changed the key to YouAreNotOptedOut
I'm not quite sure about the failing checks though, seems to be a normal thing?

@diosmosis commented on August 8th 2018 Member

I think the text here could be shortened to just "You are not opted out." 'currently' seems unnecessary here. What does everyone think?

@mattab commented on August 8th 2018 Member

sounds good @diosmosis

@tsteur commented on September 8th 2018 Member

To get this merged I would say easiest is to create a new PR with only the change in optOut.twig https://github.com/matomo-org/matomo/pull/13187/files#diff-51d31859e47190479808b5b0d8b89b87 and the change in en.json as we cannot merge any changes to other language files unfortunately. Would that be possible?

@tsteur commented on September 24th 2018 Member

@electric-paper will you have time to adjust the PR? Otherwise I can create a new PR for this

@tsteur commented on October 4th 2018 Member

Created the PR here: https://github.com/matomo-org/matomo/pull/13538 cheers @electric-paper for this change 👍

This Pull Request was closed on October 4th 2018
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