@anonymous-piwik-user opened this Issue on April 28th 2010

When opening the MultiSites view the plugin creates an obsolete archive table of the previous month.

According to forum discussion this is a bug, not a feature...


- delete the archive tables (blob, numeric) for actual and previous month
- delete the previous month entries of table "log_visit"
- first open the dashboard view of one website
- the archive tables for the actual month are created (you may or may not delete the archive tables again)
- then open the MultiSite view
- the archive tables for this and the previous month are created.
- premonth archive_blob table is empty
- premonth archive_numeric table has 4 entries (obviously previous month data buried somewhere deep inside the DB)

It seems that the MultiSites graph in the right column calculates (and creates) the archive entries even if there's no data.

Piwik 0.6 RC1

PHP Version: 5.2.10-pl0-gentoo

@robocoder commented on April 28th 2010 Contributor

Can you run this MySQL query?

SELECT ts_created from piwik_site;
@robocoder commented on April 28th 2010 Contributor

I re-read your description and see that you deleted the previous month's visits (implying your site was created the previous month). This is not a bug, and hence why I couldn't duplicate your bug with a fresh install.

@anonymous-piwik-user commented on April 28th 2010

Sorry, I didn't mention that the DB was a copy of the working DB of =<0.5.5.

Maybe you could reopen the feature request regarding making the MultiSites graph optional?

Kind regards

This Issue was closed on April 28th 2010
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