@Daijobou opened this Issue on July 16th 2018

I want install matomo and get in step 2 this optional tracking-status error

GET request to piwik.php failed. Try whitelisting this URL from HTTP Authentication and disable mod_security (you may have to ask your webhost).

mod_security exists, but its status "off". I can access piwik.php and get as result

As Matomo is not installed yet, the Tracking API cannot proceed and will exit without error.

So i want ignore this optional warning and get in next step a 403 site for


So I installed it on a subdomain and again I get a warning for tracking-status. I ignore it again and now its installed successful. I take a look in matomo system-check and now tracking-status is fine.


  1. In install process tracking-status report a warning
  2. after install tracking-status is fine.

So the detection by install is little lost? ^^

@sgiehl commented on August 19th 2018 Member

@Daijobou did you see any failing requests during installation? It should send a request to piwik.php and show the warning if it fails due to any reason.

@Daijobou commented on August 19th 2018

I saw only the optional tracking-status as error in step 2. There was no others errors show up.

@Daijobou commented on December 1st 2018

In plesk mod_security had a issue, its was active and show wrong in-active. Solution was to start and stop mod_security.

This Issue was closed on December 1st 2018
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