@tsteur opened this Issue on July 5th 2018 Member

When a view user is viewing for example goals and wants to create a new goal, there could be a button to "request admin access for this site".

Another admin or super user would then see this permission request and could grant the requested permission.

This avoids users having to find out who the admin/superuser is they need to ask to get this permission, avoids finding out their email, avoid having to email them. At the same time it avoids the superuser having to find the correct user which he/she wants to grant permission and having to find the correct site etc...

When a user requests a permission, all admins plus super users would be notified by email. A link in the mail would then directly go to page where they can grant or deny this access.

May be especially useful once we have more permissions such as "Publishing a container" or "Writing content/code that will be executed on the website".

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