@fdellwing opened this Issue on July 2nd 2018 Contributor

So, there is something going on my nerves for quite some time now:

If you had 0 visits yesterday and any visit today, it shows 100%.
If you had 1 visit yesterday and more than 2 today it shows a value more than 100%.

This is mathematical correct, but in imho a big problem.

Take the following scenario:
Changes are like 0 -> 500 and 1 -> 20. Than it shows 100% for the first and 1900% for the second evolution. Implying that the second one increased more than the first one, which is absolutely wrong.

I do not really have a solution right now, but maybe someone else? Or do you not see a problem with that?


@tsteur commented on July 2nd 2018 Member

Yeah I know exactly what you mean. Not sure how to fix though, maybe in the UI could show something like "New" but I presume the API would maybe still expect some number or so.

@fdellwing commented on July 3rd 2018 Contributor

I thought about using ∞ (∞) instead of 100%, but that is also not a valid number, so duh.

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