@tsoas opened this Issue on June 13th 2018

Matomo version: 3.5.0, MySQL version: 10.1.21-MariaDB, PHP version: 7.1.1

Hello, we encoutered a new issue since we updated to Matomo 3.5.0 : when we try to generate a report of a selected page, we get an empty report.
After some investigation, it seems that the parameter “label” is not well decoded in the query.
By default, the query contains : “label=sg%2520%2526gt%253B%2520pages%2520%2526gt%253B%2520%2540%25252Findex.aspx” and it doesn’t work.
If I manually edit the query in the URL with :
“label=sg%20%26gt%3B%20pages%20%26gt%3B%20%40%252Findex.aspx” then it does work. However, I cannot tell all my customers to use this workaround.

It can be reproduced here https://demo.matomo.org/index.php?module=CoreHome&action=index&idSite=7&period=day&date=yesterday&updated=1#?idSite=7&period=day&date=yesterday&category=General_Actions&subcategory=General_Pages&popover=

Select a page under a hierarchy (ex: top > /all) and generate a XML report for it, the query will be:
And it’s empty.

@fdellwing commented on June 14th 2018 Contributor

I'm pretty sure, this happens because the URL is somehow encoded twice. If someone can hint me the file there these links are generated, I'll have a look.

@lf23 commented on June 14th 2018

Exactly the same issue on 3.5.1

@lutzf commented on October 10th 2018

The same error appears under 3.6 also.
The last version, in which the URL is not encoded twice, is the version 3.3.1-b4.

@tsoas commented on November 28th 2018
This Issue was closed on January 22nd 2019
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