@Findus23 opened this Issue on June 5th 2018 Member

related to #11279

Those are really low-priority nitpicks but good issues for beginners.

When adding a new website, the placeholder is shown in one line instead of two lines.


This is caused by the spaces here:


In addition an placeholder URL like https://siteURL.example/ should be shown as the current text is a real URL.

@sunsplat commented on June 7th 2018

I'd like to work on this

@fdellwing commented on June 7th 2018 Contributor

@sunsplat There is a PR for this -> #13036

But if you find a solution that is not ignoring the W3C standard it will be preferred.

@Findus23 commented on June 7th 2018 Member

@sunsplat If you are interested, we have many more Matomo-Beginner-Friendly issues you could try to tackle:

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