@tsteur opened this Issue on May 24th 2018 Member

We should only allow and only show segments that are based on the log_visit table.

All other segments should usually not be needed anyway to identify a data subject. And if so, it could be later still done potentially through the visitor log and segmentation. Although I doubt it is needed.

Why? Because this DB query will query over all visits, joining a segment with log_link_visit_action (or other tables) can not only take a really long time to find the data subjects, it could even result in the worst case maybe in temporary tables etc.

I think it would also make the tool slightly easier to use by showing only more relevant segments.

@mattab any chance to have this in 3.6.0?

@mattab commented on May 24th 2018 Member

:+1: Good call

This Issue was closed on July 2nd 2018
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