@mattab opened this Issue on April 8th 2010 Member
  • Add "Actions per visit" (Average value) sparkline and graph
  • Change "Total time spent by the visitors" into "Average visit length"
  • Graphs showing time should display it in "minutes" instead of seconds

These modifications should also apply to other similar pages:

  • Referers > Evolution
  • Visitors > Frequency & Loyalty
@mattab commented on June 21st 2010 Member

It could also process and report 'Unique page views' which are a better metric than Page views. This can be obtained by summing the nb_uniq_visitors for each page. For non day periods, we can use sum_daily_nb_uniq_visitors.

There would therefore be a new stats and sparkline below the graph.

see http://visualrevenue.com/blog/2010/06/choose-daily-unique-article-views-over-page-views.html

@mattab commented on July 13th 2010 Member

(In [2494]) Fixes #1297

  • now reporting Actions per visit
  • reporting Average Visit duration instead of total visit duration
  • removed api getMaxActionsReturning() as it doesn't sound like a useful metric
  • udpated tests to test the new metrics
This Issue was closed on July 13th 2010
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