@tsteur opened this Issue on May 23rd 2018 Member


Selected "with metadata" and then clicked on export. Then got the error "Requested report FormAnalytics.getPageUrls for Website id=1 not found in the list of available reports."

Generated export URL


or maybe it is a problem with the plugin?

@sgiehl commented on June 25th 2018 Member

in that specific case it seems to be a problem of the plugin. Will issue a PR there.

But the same occurs when trying to export a goal specific report. Not yet sure how to solve that.

@tsteur commented on September 18th 2018 Member

I had a quick look...

diff --git a/core/Plugin/Report.php b/core/Plugin/Report.php
index 5356286f80..32113d4c9a 100644
--- a/core/Plugin/Report.php
+++ b/core/Plugin/Report.php
@@ -549,6 +549,13 @@ class Report
         if (!empty($report)) {
             $availableReports[] = $report;
+        if ($this->hasGoalMetrics) {
+            $goals = Request::processRequest('Goals.getGoals');
+            foreach ($goals as $goal) {
+                $availableReports[] = $this->buildReportMetadataForGoal($goal);
+            }
+        }

Something like this would be kind of needed that makes the report metadata for all those reports available. Problem is that the "report metadata" would get pretty pretty big and they would be even shown in the mobile app etc which we might not want to... (unless we really do)

Not sure how to fix it otherwise either. It is definitely tricky.

@mattab commented on October 8th 2018 Member

@tsteur could you maybe open this in a PR so we can see the failing tests and how much data this would be?

@tsteur commented on October 8th 2018 Member

It's not a solution. That's why I didn't even create the PR

@tsteur commented on June 29th 2021 Member

It's also happening with Users Flow when clicking eg on "interaction 1" and then on export

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