@mattab opened this Issue on May 23rd 2018 Member

Let's update the following Guides & FAQs:

So they reference Geoip2 instead of Geoip. We can then remove the Geoip1 doc I would say (it will still be in the archive.org history if needed).

@sgiehl commented on May 23rd 2018 Member

updated the first one. will try to tackle the remaining ones the coming days

@sgiehl commented on May 24th 2018 Member

I've updated some more faqs/docs. Remaining ones are about setting up apache/nginx modules. Not sure if that's something I'm able to describe well, but I'll give it a try tomorrow.

@mattab commented on May 31st 2018 Member

Thanks @sgiehl - let me know if it's do-able to update the remaining FAQs. If not do-able maybe we can delete them otherwise...

@sgiehl commented on May 31st 2018 Member

@mattab Those are the docs for installing the modules:


We currently link to those pages within Matomo. Not sure if it's worth to rewrite their READMEs and add a small part how to configure the variables in Matomo

@mattab commented on May 31st 2018 Member

maybe it makes sense to simply link to these resources from the FAQ? and remove most of the text otherwise

@sgiehl commented on May 31st 2018 Member

@mattab I've updated the FAQs. They are now mainly mentioning the links. Feel free to remove them if they don't have enough value anymore.

@mattab commented on June 10th 2018 Member

Thank you for updating FAQs and the guide, looks good to me :+1:

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