@leesdolphin opened this Pull Request on May 12th 2018

This should speed up the fixing process.

It may also fix #12185; but I'll need to check against my database without extra indexes.

@leesdolphin commented on May 13th 2018

So ... running this on my test box made the whole thing run slower ... which is probably the opposite of what we wanted.

In my eyes, the problem boils down to the database server needing to perform a full table scan for every single query; and with a large table(mine is upwards of 225 million) this is mind-numbingly slow.

I'd suggest adding a few indexes to the impacted columns, but this would come at the expense of the extra storage for those indexes; and the setup time for them too.

@mattab commented on June 26th 2018 Member

Hi @leesdolphin
Thanks for creating the PR :+1:
As you mention that it is slower to run the many queries instead of the big one, we won't review further this PR. we'll need to find another solution for https://github.com/matomo-org/matomo/issues/12185

This Pull Request was closed on June 26th 2018
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