@mattab opened this Issue on May 2nd 2018 Member

Now that we have Geoip2 activated by default for all new users (done in https://github.com/matomo-org/matomo/pull/12699), we should also activate the feature for all existing users who are upgrading. Since Geoip2 requires a DB update for the Region column, we need to wait for Matomo 4 to enable the plugin.

Suggested steps for final Geoip2 takeover

  • Activate the plugin on update to Matomo 4.0.0
  • Could we automatically download the database?
  • When Geoip1 was enabled, and Geoip2 database successfully downloaded, could we automatically enable Geoip2 provider instead?
  • We should also move all the Geoip1 code to a separate plugin. Later (maybe in Matomo 5?) we should then remove/delete this plugin completely.
  • Check that all FAQs/ user guides exclusively mention Geoip2 (delete all Geoip1 specifics)
  • ...?
@sgiehl commented on February 14th 2020 Member

With #15521 geoip legacy support will be removed and the db update will be done with Matomo 4.

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