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As part of GDPR compliance #12600 we create the new [tool to export personal data](#12595) which currently exports in JSON format. JSON format works well, but is not human readable.

The goal of this issue is to offer the personal data export file in either HTML (human readable format) or JSON (ideal for data portability)

Ideally the data export would look as simple as possible, with bold fonts, and smaller tables, in each differentiate section. As a good example, the current WIP of Wordpress Personal data export (references https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/43551 and https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/43546) looks as follows:


currently our HTML format doesn't support multiple levels and we get the following error:

Data structure returned is not convertible in the requested format. Try to call this method with the parameters '&amp;format=original&amp;serialize=1'; you will get the original php data structure serialized. The data structure looks like this: <br />
$data = array (<br />
 'log_visit' =&gt; <br />
 array (<br />
   0 =&gt; <br />
   array (<br />
     'config_browser_engine' =&gt; 'Blink (Chrome, Opera)',<br />
     'config_browser_name' =&gt; 'Chrome',<br />

so we need to improve the HTML renderer so it supports multiple levels and also looks presentable.

In the UI itself, we should offer both JSON and HTML, via eg. a radio button or a SELECT list. The format would be labelled with an explanation, for example:

  • HTML (human readable format)
  • JSON (ideal for data portability)

This will be a great improvement to the GDPR Personal data export tool :+1:

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