@diosmosis opened this Pull Request on April 30th 2018 Member


  • added new disable_all_rows_filter_limit visualization property that can be used to disable the 'all' option from the limit selector.
  • use in VisitorLog to disable the 'all' option.
  • if -1 filter_limit found when trying to load VisitorLog, change it to another value.
  • change default used in this case from 20 => General.datatable_default_limit.

Fixes #12789

@sgiehl commented on April 30th 2018 Member

tiny feedback: Maybe you should avoid branches containing /, as this break the ui test viewer: https://builds-artifacts.matomo.org/matomo-org/matomo/12789/do-not-show-all-visitor-log/
Or we adjust the UI test viewer to handle such stuff correctly...

@diosmosis commented on April 30th 2018 Member

Oh whoops, didn't realize that would happen to the UI test viewer. I'll create a new branch to view tests results from

@diosmosis commented on April 30th 2018 Member
@diosmosis commented on April 30th 2018 Member

Some UI test failures, should be fixed on merge since they will likely conflict w/ other PRs.

@diosmosis commented on May 1st 2018 Member

@mattab can you approve if this is good to go now? will update the UI tests & merge at that point

This Pull Request was closed on May 4th 2018
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