@wkwkgit opened this Issue on April 19th 2018


Script is default and at the page botoom, after website UI scripts, but until its load failed all documentReady functions waits for it.

@sgiehl commented on April 20th 2018 Member

Not sure if I got your report right. The async script loading of piwik.js blocks your documentReady event on safari? Is that reproducible for you on any other browser?

@wkwkgit commented on April 20th 2018

I tried Chrome and Firefox, last and updated, they are ok, it was only Safari. The matomo server was dead (something was happend on digitalocean), and i saw this problem. I will try to make this issue more informat in free time, because to reproduce it need the server that will not response and will keep connection.

@Findus23 commented on May 24th 2020 Member

In case someone can reproduce this issue in the latest Matomo version, please create a new issue with more details about what doesn't work as expected.

This Issue was closed on May 24th 2020
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