@kordic27 opened this Issue on April 19th 2018

Hi there,
I couldn't find this issue documented anywhere, so forgive me if it has been posted (or better yet, point me to it) -- thanks.
I have installed MySQL and PHP on my server and also installed piwik to the point where I can call up the System Check Screen and it renders without issue.
However, when I click next and it looks for action=System Check, the page times out.
I looked at the logs and it generates the following error:
[19-Apr-2018 19:11:55 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in C:\inetpub\wwwroot\piwik\core\FileIntegrity.php on line 324

Has anyone experienced this issue before? I have tested some other pages and php DOES seem to be operating properly.


@tsteur commented on April 19th 2018 Member

Actually, I've had it this week as well and thought my server is playing up... Are you installing from git or the downloaded zip?

@tsteur commented on April 19th 2018 Member

I just tested it again and then it was fast... just fyi

@fdellwing commented on April 20th 2018 Contributor


Can anyone confirm that increasing the time helps?

@Findus23 commented on May 24th 2020 Member

Maybe something in the background was using so much I/O that there was none left to run the integrity checker. (It is sometimes a bit slow as it needs to read every file of Matomo.)

If anyone is experiencing this issue, please reopen it or create a new one.

This Issue was closed on May 24th 2020
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